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September Studio Time

More studio shots from our space this week. Autumn is drawing closer and you can feel it in your bones. For us, this marks the approach of the holiday season. Production is in full swing with new aprons and bags! Can't wait to share our best pieces with the world... Pictured in above image: local designer Rolend Gumas, giving us a hand and showing off her sewing chops.          

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Origins of SHAABI Denim, Part I

In the Beginning, There Was a Jacket It started with a bit of mad science. What happens when you get yourself a fat roll of hickory stripe denim and just start making stuff? Cut a few patterns, try out some stitching. Turns out, you might end up with a business. We worked in miniatures, at first. Kids' clothing, that is. You see, the kid had a full-blown obsession with railroads, so the obvious choice was making jackets for him. And then pants...and overalls. It spun out of control pretty fast....

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