About Us



Founded in late 2015, SHAABI is the work of Ihssan and Kerry Abukhalaf. We make clothing with high-quality, tough fabrics, including the best raw selvage denim we can find. We are inspired by the legacy of traditional American workwear, but we innovate freely with our own creative designs.


All concepts and designs emerge from our small workshop in Alameda, California.
Patterns, samples, and limited production are done with our own hands, on vintage industrial sewing machines. We keep our batches small and only produce the best ideas. When necessary, we hire local sewers, to help meet demand.


SHAABI means "of the common people" in Arabic. The word also refers to the downtown markets or bazaars found throughout the Middle East--the places where locals meet to buy, sell, and mingle. We chose the name SHAABI, because we put people at the center of our mission and relationships.

Our work with SHAABI will involve spotlighting the good people of our community, as well as makers, do-ers, and creative folks we get to know along the way. We'll also be exploring the question of what it means to be local in the context of a highly interconnected world.


We support charities helping displaced people. In the near future, we'll be launching products from which a portion of the proceeds will benefit an organization that serves refugee, migrant, or homeless populations. We look forward to sharing the work of these charities on our blog.

As we grow, our goal is to hire locally and pay a living wage. We'll strive to be as transparent as possible about this process.


  • Design bravely. Pay homage to tradition, but innovate and create fearlessly.
  • Put people first. Good relationships are good business.
  • Make quality stuff. This world has too much stuff. If you must make something, make it strong enough to last.
  • Details matter. Enough said.
  • Think globally, act locally. We strive to have a positive impact on our community and the world.


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