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A Denim Design Studio is Born

We've had a lot in the works over the past month or two, but rather than brag about it, we figured we'd share pictures. Here are some shots from our new denim design studio, where we're designing and making our samples and small-batch runs. More on this, later. Visits are by-appointment-only, but you're always welcome to set up a time to come by.    

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New Americans Learn the Ropes at New Vestures

Some photos of the hardworking trainees in New Vestures' workforce training program, located in Lowell, Massachusetts. The program helps local immigrants and refugees obtain job skills and ultimately find work in apparel factories around the Merrimack Valley. New Vestures is in the process of transitioning to their new home in the top of Mill No. 5, one of Lowell's iconic textile mills. Learn more about this project in our previous article, New Vestures: On the Frontier of Slow Fashion.

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New Vestures: On the Frontier of Slow Fashion

In the first article in this series, "Back to the Roots of American Textile Production," we explored the origins of the mill town Lowell, Massachusetts. Our second article, "Who Made Your Clothes?" covered Fashion Revolution Week and the polar concepts of fast and slow fashion. This article brings both themes together with a look at a New Vestures, a Lowell-based project that's exploring new territory around the slow fashion movement, the innovation economy, and the story of American manufacturing. Taking a stand for a new way of doing business is not for...

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Who Made Your Clothes?

If you're into fashion and you were paying any attention to social media over the past several weeks, there's no way you missed hearing about Fashion Revolution Week. An annual event running April 24-28, Fashion Revolution Week centers around the #whomademyclothes campaign, when consumers and sustainability advocates call for greater transparency in the fashion industry, and celebrate brands who have made the extra effort to ensure their clothing is ethically manufactured. The event was founded after 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 injured in the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh on April 24th,...

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Back to the Roots of American Textile Production

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take a field trip to Massachusetts. We took advantage of this moment to feed our ongoing obsession with the town of Lowell, MA. The story of Lowell is that of a town perpetually on the make--a tale of riches and rags...and rags to riches. There may be no place that better exemplifies the boom-bust cycle of modern capitalism, and the tale began (as it often does) with a small group of men with ambitious goals and a vision...

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