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Back to the Roots of American Textile Production

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take a field trip to Massachusetts. We took advantage of this moment to feed our ongoing obsession with the town of Lowell, MA. The story of Lowell is that of a town perpetually on the make--a tale of riches and rags...and rags to riches. There may be no place that better exemplifies the boom-bust cycle of modern capitalism, and the tale began (as it often does) with a small group of men with ambitious goals and a vision...

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Origins of SHAABI Denim, Part I

In the Beginning, There Was a Jacket It started with a bit of mad science. What happens when you get yourself a fat roll of hickory stripe denim and just start making stuff? Cut a few patterns, try out some stitching. Turns out, you might end up with a business. We worked in miniatures, at first. Kids' clothing, that is. You see, the kid had a full-blown obsession with railroads, so the obvious choice was making jackets for him. And then pants...and overalls. It spun out of control pretty fast....

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It's Pop-Up Time!

Time to stop being so remote, don't you think? Come visit us in the real world this Sunday, December 13th from 1-3pm at Redux Studios and Gallery at 2315 Lincoln Ave. in Alameda. We'll have a few items for sale, and we'll be showing some of the designs we have planned for the coming year.  This is your chance to see our products up close. We'd love to get your insights on our work, and chat about the larger topics of locally made goods, local economies, and locally sewn apparel. We're...

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In Full Color

The Best Kind of Surprise Always a shock to see yourself in print, but to appear on the cover of a magazine is something else, entirely. Thank you to the editorial team at Alameda Magazine for including our homely (but authentic) faces on the front of the December, 2015 issue. We really have something to be grateful for, this holiday season... Note: if you've come to our website because of our the article above, please take a moment to follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or subscribe to our email...

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A life of no regrets

At last... Sometimes you get an idea into your head, and you just can't stop thinking about it. Sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the next and see where the road takes you. Here's to venturing out, into the unknown. Hope you'll come along.

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